Saturday, December 6, 2008

NBC's Chuck Season 2 Eps For Download!!

On its second season, Chuck brings you more comedy, more spy action, and basically a whole lot of fun! Chuck and Sara continue to get closer, as well as more danger headed for Chuck's way. In this season, a possible new intersect is introduced, an ex-girlfriend, the return of a character, and many more surprises!!

This season has been a lot of fun so far! I'm definitely loving what they're doing with the Chuck and Sara story! a part of me wants them to hook up, but then another part doesn't cuz I'm totally enjoying the tension between the two! Again, no spoilers so, just download and find out for yourselves!

Download Below:

Episode 01: "Chuck Versus The First Date"
Episode 02: "Chuck Versus The Seduction"
Episode 03: "Chuck Versus The Break-Up"
Episode 04: "Chuck Versus The Cougars"
Episode 05: "Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer"
Episode 06: "Chuck Versus The Ex"
Episode 07: "Chuck Versus The Fat Lady"
Episode 08: "Chuck Versus Gravitron"
Episode 09: "Chuck Versus The Sensei"
Episode 10: "Chuck vs The DeLorean"
Episode 11: "Chuck Versus Santa Claus"
Episode 12: "Chuck Versus The Third Dimension"
Episode 13: "Chuck Versus The Suburbs"
Episode 14: "Chuck Versus The Best Friend"
Episode 15: "Chuck Versus The Beefcake"
Episode 16: "Chuck Versus The Lethal Weapon"
Episode 17: "Chuck Versus The Predator"
Episode 18: "Chuck Versus The Broken Heart"
Episode 19: "Chuck Versus The Dream Job"
Episode 20: "Chuck Versus The First Kill"
Episode 21: "Chuck Versus The Colonel"

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